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Advanced Technology
Double Sided Printing and Two Color Blade
Backside printing for precision marking and line drawing.
Backside reading makes wall and ceiling measuring easier.
Zero commencement falls in the same place on each side of the end hook.

Power Blade
This dynamic tape comes with a new ultra-durable coating that is 10x more durable than nylon and mylar coatings. Why is this important you ask? This will add lots of extra life to your tape. the numbers and graduations will not wear off as easily.
In the early 1970’s KOMELON introduced fiberglass tape measures to the world. With built-up know-how, KOMELON Fiberglass tape measures are very much qualified in quality.
KOMELON tapes are manufactured with our own fiberglass compression  technolgy invented ...

Selflock Tape Measure
KOMELON is well known as an originator of self locking mechanism. When it was first launched in 2001, the conceipt of not having to lock the button and simple button pushing retraction attracted a lot of end users. Now, this mechanism is well spread out in the market by KOMELON and followers.
Magnetic Tape Measure
KOMELON is the exclusive manufurer of worldwide patented magnetic tip and offers a complete tape measure line with magnetic tips, which allows for easier one person measurement, Magnetic tapes are the ideal measuring tool for anyone working with metals.
Stainless Tape Measure
KOMELON stainless steel tapes are perfect and ideal to use under wet and dry work environments like sewerage, harbor construction, marble masonry, tunnel, underground construction and so on.
All metallic components of these are stainliss steel to resist rist, ...

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